2018 Programme

May 1Christ's Hospital (6:30am)
    Guests of Magog
May 1Bax Castle (8:00pm)
    Guests of Magog
May 9The Crown, Cootham (8:00pm)
May 12Broadwood Day of Dance, Horsham (all day)
May 16The Sportsman, Amberley (8:00pm)
May 23The Swan, Fittleworth (8:00pm)
May 27Amberley Working Museum (afternoon)
May 30The Windmill, Littleworth (8:00pm)
Jun 13The White Lion, Thakeham (8:00pm)
Jun 27Noah's Ark, Lurgashall (8:00pm)
Jul 18The Five Bells, Smock Alley (8:00pm)
Aug 8The Crown, Dial Post (8:00pm)
Aug 15The Queen's Head, West Chiltington (8:00pm)
Aug 22The Countryman, Shipley (8:00pm)
Aug 29The White Horse, Maplehurst (8:00pm)


Thakeham Morris (formerly Gillian's Morris) was formed in 1991 as a cost saving exercise for the Thakeham Village Day. The tight-fisted organising committee who had booked Magog the previous year decided that there was nothing to this Morris Dancing lark and that they could save the cost of the fee by doing it themselves.

The first practice proved a fiasco when an ambulance had to be summoned to render assistance to one of the members who had succumbed to his first ever heart attack. It was a bit problematic dancing round his prone body clutching his stick but he did recover sufficiently to perform on the day. After a week or so of practicing, there was word of having a whip round to buy Magog's services again to save going through the pain of the practising, but loss of face would result, a thing that was unacceptable, so they stuck it out.

The great day dawned, their first public performance in front of all friends, neighbours and acquaintances from whom this had been a closely guarded secret. The weather was perfect and all the local populace were there. A veil should be drawn over the finer merits of their performance that afternoon, suffice it to say that they were received with tumultuous cat calls and good natured barracking from the crowd.

Since that fateful day they have gone from strength to strength, new members have joined and the standard has been raised and they have turned into a presentable side. A big thank-you has to go to Mike and Gillian Bird without whom Thakeham Morris would never have survived, and from whos website the above history has been stolen.